Wedding Flower Availability by Season.

You've been trawling Pinterest for wedding flower inspiration, but you realise so many of the images come from America. How do you know what is in season in the month you are getting married in Australia?

While seasons are a guide to what we may expect, there are no hard and fast rules for availability when it comes to nature. Climate change certainly means that seasons as we traditionally know them, change. Furthermore in Australia, fires and floods pose real threats to growers and may mean that what is usually expected in a season may be wiped out. This is why it is important to work with and trust your florist to design your wedding to your desired colour palette rather than to a prescription of specific flowers.

This list is designed to guide you through what is generally available by season.

Summer Flowers

Amaranthus Calla Lily Celosia Cornflower Cosmos Dahlias Daisies David Austin roses Delphinium Gardenia Hydrangea Kangaroo Paw Lisianthus Peonies Phlox

King Proteas Roses Scabiosa Smokebush Snapdragon Stephanotis Stock Sunflower Water Lilies Zinnia

Autumn Flowers

Amaranthus Calla lily Camellia Cornflower Cosmos

Dahlias Daphne David Austin roses Delphinium Disbuds

Freesias Hyacinth Hydrangea Lisianthus Nerine

Poppies Protea Roses Snapdragons Stock

Sunflower Thryptomene Tuberose Tulips

Winter Flowers

Andromeda Anemones Banksia Blushing Brides Calla lilies

Camellia Coccinea Daphne Delphinium Disbud

Dryandra Erica Eriostemon Fennel - wild Flowering gum

Forget me nots Freesias Gymea lily Hakea Hellebore

Hyacinth Jonquil Leucospermum Leucadendron Lily pilly

Magnolia Nigella Pansy Phylica Poppies

Rhododendron Stock Star of Bethlehem Tulips Waxflower

Spring Flowers

Andromeda Anemones Blossom Blushing Brides Calla lilies

Clematis Cornflowers David Austin roses Delphinium Dogwood

Flannel Flower Foxtail lily Freesia Gardenia Hellebores

Hippeastrum Hyacinth Jasmine Leucospermum Lilac

Lily of the Valley Lisianthus Pansy Peonies Poppies

Ranunculus Rhododendron Snapdragons Snowball Viburnum Sweet pea

Tulips Tuberose Waratah Water Lilies

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