Spring Salute to the Waratah

Late spring is the perfect time to enjoy the bold colours of the native Waratah.

At Stephanie Bell Botanical we love seasonal local flowers, so November's Pop Up Flower Shop is being stocked with beautiful bouquets featuring the showy red and pink waratah.

The Waratah comes into flower for only a short period at this time every year, so is the perfect way to celebrate the faithfulness of a friend, the beauty of the bush and the end of Victoria's lock down.

Order online now, before the end of Saturday, for delivery on Monday November 1. The florist choice bouquets come in three sizes and are only available from the pop up flower shop.

Are Waratahs only from New South Wales?

While the name comes from the Eora people of Sydney's coast, the plant itself is part of a family of flowers at home across the South Pacific. It is closely related to the Oreocallis Grandiflora flowers of the Peruvian mountains, the semi-tropical Stenocarpus from the islands of New Caledonia and the large Pink Silky Oaks of the Queensland rainforests. The waratah itself is native to Victoria's Gippsland, Tasmania as well as New South Wales, where it is used as a State floral emblem.

The symmetrical large blooms of the waratah are actually made up of many small flowers densely packed into a compact head above the spirally arranged leaves. The plant is difficult to establish and slow to mature but the perseverance of our suppliers has paid off and over the past 20 years waratahs have been successfully propagated in the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria.

Click here to order a Salute to the Waratah bouquet hand delivered or collected from our studio in Knoxfield. Everyone Deserves Beautiful Flowers.

A New Floral Portfolio

If you are looking for great floral ideas and innovations the About Us section on our website now features a portfolio of work from principal florist Geraldine Micallef.

Covering three years of her work, it showcases bouquets, vase arrangements, larger wedding bouquets, wearable flowers & other wired work, wreaths & garlands and dramatic installations.

We love it when you recommend us to people planning weddings or other events. The portfolio can be an easy tool to show them the breadth and beauty of our flowers and other botanicals.

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