6 Reasons to choose "seasonal flowers" for your wedding.

Do you know which flowers bloom locally at any given time of the year?

Some flowers have to be imported from climates all over the world because they are out of season in Australia. Whereas “seasonal flowers” bloom locally at particular times of the year. Choosing seasonal flowers for your wedding has many great advantages.

Here are 6 reasons to request seasonal flowers for your wedding day:

  1. Seasonal flowers can be sourced locally - this makes them more affordable. If a particular flower is out of season, it will need to be imported from overseas. Flowers require refrigeration as they travel, which inflates their cost further. If you want to stretch your wedding budget without compromising your vision for your wedding day, we recommend choosing seasonal flowers.

  2. Locally available, seasonal flowers, reduce the environmental footprint of your wedding. The emissions associated with the transportation of 'out of season' flowers has a real impact on the environment. Did you know that during covid restrictions there was a 93 per cent reduction in the carbon footprint of the average Australian wedding? Research has shown the use of local seasonal flowers instead of imported flowers was among the most significant contributors to this reduction. Local seasonal flowers are the best option for a sustainably conscious floral wedding.

  3. Seasonal flowers naturally complement their surroundings. When your flowers reflect what is happening seasonally in nature, everything becomes more cohesive stylistically and more pleasing to the eye. Furthermore when you choose seasonal flowers, gorgeous memories associated with your wedding return naturally as with each new year the season returns.

  4. Seasonal flowers are a healthier choice. Imported flowers undergo chemical processes of devitalisation and fumigation. These are required to prevent the introduction of foreign disease and pests to Australia that impact Australian agriculture and the environment. According to industry experts, by the time imports get to the florist, exposure to the chemicals used is minimal, however florists know firsthand that we experience skin irritation and in some cases rashes from handling large numbers of imported flowers.

  5. Local seasonal flowers are freshly picked from the field and therefore more strongly scented. The older the flower the less scent it has. Fragrance is a wonderful element to consider when planning your wedding flowers. The sense of smell more than any other sense is responsible for triggering emotions and memories. Seasonal flowers are scented flowers.

  6. Local seasonal flowers are more abundant in that season. If your vision for your wedding involves masses of beautiful flowers, seasonal flowers are your most abundant option.

You don't need to be the expert in knowing which blooms are in season when, that is our job as your wedding florist. We love working with seasonal flowers for their abundant availability, their absolute beauty and sustainability, which is why we are experts in choosing seasonal flowers for any theme, colour pallet or style of wedding. If you are considering seasonal flowers for your special day, we'd love to hear from you.

We look forward to creating for you the wedding you've been dreaming of.

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