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Stephanie Belle Botanical

I was born to share my heart through flowers

I'm Geraldine, the principal florist and stylist for Stephanie Belle Botanical. A romantic at heart, I believe in the evocative power of nature.

Stephanie Belle Botanical is a family business, We firmly believe 'Everyone deserves beautiful flowers'.

We work in the Dandenong Creek catchment, where Bunurong country meets Wurundjeri country. We respect the traditional owners and their ongoing connection to land and flora.

We are committed to locally sourced materials and minimizing the impact we have as florists on the environment.

Flowers and foliage are more than decorative elements; they ground us, connect us, entice our senses, capture mood, seduce our emotions, and establish themselves in memory everlasting.

I'm keen to discuss your imaginings, collaborate and create an event that represents your uniqueness.

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