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What People Say

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'Gerry was a marvel to work with. She came up with fantastic and unique designs based on us and our styles and collaborated with us all along the way.

Gerry gives a very personal touch to her work and really goes the extra mile. Would highly recommend Stephanie Belle Botanical  to anyone looking for special event flowers that tell their story.'

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'OMG Gerry, you have outdone yourself. I'm so beyond happy. The flowers were exactly what I had imagined. It was the best.

We loved having our babes there too for our big day. Stella definitely loved her flower crown too.'


'Thankyou for making our day so special. The little touches you added to the whole experience made our day so unique, and so...US!

Walking up to  see the wreath on the barn was such a surprise and made my heart feel so warm. Thank you; so much; so so much. 

Everything was so beautiful and perfect.